Guy Fieri's Go-To Breakfast Is Hearty as Hell

I once asked Guy Fieri's assistant how he takes his eggs, and she responded, "Oh, Guy doesn't eat egg!" This seems baffling to me as it seems most of the dishes on a diner menu are egg-based, so how does he curtail that on his show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives? I'm going to have to watch more closely . . .

In the meantime, I asked Guy what his go-to breakfast is if it's not eggs, and he replied, "It's gotta be ham and stone-ground grits with red-eye gravy. I'll be making it at the ranch for sure." Coming from the South, I love nothing more than grits with bacon crumbled on the top, but I had never heard of red-eye gravy. Turns out, it's a coffee-based gravy, made from the browned bits of the cooked ham, strongly brewed coffee, water, butter, and pepper. Grits are a blank canvas in terms of flavor, so I imagine the sweet-salty-roasted gravy makes every bite worth taking.

Since Guy is a grilling master, I wondered how he might utilize a grill for breakfast. He answered, "Grills are definitely underutilized for breakfast. The depth of flavor that you get from charring vegetables and meats is a great foundation for all different types of morning dishes. For example, sausages and steak take on a whole new level when thrown on the grill versus in the frying pan." In case you are wondering, yes, Guy has a recipe for grilled ham too. Are you ready to Fieri-fy your breakfast routine?