Secrets of a Ramen Restaurant, Revealed by an Employee

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Ever wonder what it takes to run a successful ramen restaurant? A documentary-style video published by YouTube user Life Where I'm From goes behind the scenes of a ramen restaurant in Japan called Mengokoro Kunimoto, and it's truly fascinating to watch. The owner, Kunimoto, details his day-to-day schedule, and he makes it clear that there's one thing it takes to make it in the business: unwavering dedication. In other words . . . 80-hour workweeks.

Kunimoto works from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every day, never taking breaks in between making broth from scratch, preparing soft-boiled eggs, and filling customers' orders. And guess what? He wouldn't trade it for any other job. After seeing what it really takes to own a successful restaurant serving one of the most sought-after types of cuisine in Japan and America, you'll appreciate your next steaming bowl of ramen even more.