Pocky's Latest Flavor Will Leave You Drunk With Happiness

We have great news, whiskey-lovers. One of our favorite Japanese treats is all grown up, and we're ready to dunk whiskey-flavored Pocky head first into our drinks! The Pocky, called "Otona no Kohaku," which translates to "Adult Amber," is coming soon, and it's the perfect combination of salty, sweet, and, of course, boozy. The company has taken the original chocolate stick, salted it, and covered it with whiskey-scented chocolate to make a revolutionary happy-hour snack. It was first released last November, but it sold out quickly and will now be available worldwide after Oct. 25. The snack is available for preorder on Amazon for less than $10.

The original chocolate flavor has been noted by POPSUGAR editors as "the best candy/cookie hybrid ever," and anyone who's had Pocky can attest to that! We can't wait to try this adult-flavored treat.