ICYMI, Whole Foods Has the Most Amazing Self-Serve Mochi Bars

POPSUGAR Photography | Victor Verdugo
POPSUGAR Photography | Victor Verdugo

Plenty of Whole Foods stores have self-serve salad bars and hot bars, but does yours have a mochi ice cream bar? If you're lucky, it does. Some Whole Foods stores, including Fremont, CA, and Wheaton, IL, have a space in their bakery section devoted to a freezer full of the Japanese dessert of pounded sticky rice filled with ice cream. If you haven't bitten into a squishy, sweet, cold mochi, you're seriously missing out.

Whole Foods' eye-catching bins of mochi have a variety of brightly colored flavors, including chocolate, passion fruit, and a favorite of ours, lychee. While there's something so satisfying about seeing all the flavors laid out and hand picking your favorites to enjoy immediately, Whole Foods also sells packaged boxes of mochi in the freezer aisle if your location doesn't have the self-serve option. Trader Joe's Strawberry Mochi is a favorite of ours, too. If you want to visually satisfy your mochi craving, read ahead to get all the details on Whole Foods' coveted self-serve mochi bars, and then try mochi for yourself ASAP if you haven't already.

The newest location to add a mochi bar is the Wheaton store in Chicago.

You can pick your favorite flavors, like strawberry, mango, or green tea.

The mochi typically costs $2 each.

Or you can opt for $20 per dozen.

It's like a salad bar but filled with colorful foods you actually want to eat!

Just taking a moment to look at them during your shopping trip will brighten your mood.

If every Whole Foods had a mochi bar, the world would be a better place.