This Whole Foods Item Will Make You Say "WTF"

Whole Foods is not exactly known for having the best deals, but it has gained notoriety for selling everyday foods repackaged with absurdly steep prices. The grocery store clearly didn't learn from the asparagus water debacle, because it recently stocked its shelves with peeled oranges . . . in a plastic container!

Sure, it's convenient to have your orange prepeeled — no one enjoys the sticky fingers that follow eating this citrus delight! For a company that is supposedly committed to reducing its carbon footprint and plastic consumption, it seems like a pretty odd move to sell individual oranges in plastic containers — for $6! After a woman kindly pointed out to Whole Foods that oranges have naturally occurring coverings (their peels) on Twitter, the company responded that it would stop selling them. We're just wondering how long Whole Foods would have kept them stocked if someone hadn't taken to social media and called out its hypocrisy!