These Wine Bottle Parkas From HomeGoods Are Adorable, and We Want Them All

Game of Thrones may be over for good, but we'll keep saying "Winter is coming" probably until the day we die. And it's never been more appropriate than right now, because we just spotted these hilarious Wine Bottle Parkas ($10 each) at HomeGoods that prove Winter is indeed coming — and fast. The parkas, which are offered in three fabulous styles — white, black, and a classic red plaid — feature a full-length zipper or button-front design and come complete with a faux-fur-lined hood (honestly, can we get one in our size?!).

So, whether you want to use it as part of your gift for a holiday party host or just want to keep your fingers warm in the freezing cold, these fashionable covers have got you, well . . . covered (OK, I'll stop). They're also designed to fit most standard wine bottles, so you don't have to worry about sizing. To see where you can find some of your own, head to the official HomeGoods website to find a store location near you.