Disney World's Witch's Brew Frozen Drink Is a Sweet and Sour Potion You Need to Try This Fall

Magic Kingdom is stirring up something extra sweet this Fall: Witch's Brew. This new drink is available at Prince Eric's village market — the same place that recently introduced a purple mermaid doughnut — and it's a can't-miss Disney World treat. Witch's Brew ($6) is a blend of frozen lemonade and frozen Coke with cherry, watermelon, Granny Smith apple, and passion fruit syrups swirled in, and the combination of flavors might play tricks on your taste buds.

Needless to say, it'll hit you with a sugar rush, but sometimes that's exactly what you need during a long day at the parks. Disney Food Blog reviewed Witch's Brew, writing, "The flavors are layered (before they start to blend by melting, that is) moving from tart to fruity to super sweet . . . all in one drink! And it's so fun how the Coca-Cola layer on top makes it look as though the Witch's Brew is bubbling over." Get it while it lasts!