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Baby Room Constellation Wall DIY

When decorating our children's bedrooms, we look to keep things personal and creative while also reasonably priced, but this dad just did all that and so much more when he transformed his baby's room into outer space. Imgur user jsnake666 created this awesome DIY constellation for his son's room, and dare we say it . . . it's out of this world! He said that it took 40 hours to complete with three people getting to work. "We spread the job over the course of 6 weeks working about 5+ hours on Saturdays and a few hours after work when we found the time," he wrote. "We combined my wife's taste, my Engineering background, and my friends art skills to do this."

This dad could've taken the easy way out and just bought galactic wallpaper, or threw those infamous glow-in-the-dark stars on the wall, but 40 hours of work seemed more appropriate. They spent about $120 at Home Depot just on "painting stuff." After painting the wall and having an artist friend add a texture color to make it look more "spacey," it was time to get to the stars.

They planned out the layout of the Winter sky form the Northern Hemisphere and then turned the painted wall into a grid, seen above. He spent hours and hours making sure the stars were perfectly in accordance to the grid, but for a hack, he said, "if I had a projector to throw an image on the wall, this would have saved me two nights and a sore back." Then they used a paint pen to mark where each sticker is.

After some research with his artist friend, the superdad determined if a star would have a small, medium, or large circle to start making the constellation come together. They used a paint pen and a ruler for the lines, and later decided to use a Q-tip for background stars.

This came out beautifully and it looks so real when the sun hits the wall! Check out his full post and step-by-step instructions here.

Image Source: Imgur user jsnake666
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