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Full House House in San Francisco Pictures

The Iconic Full House Home Is For Sale, and It Looks NOTHING Like the Tanners' Place

Full House House in San Francisco Pictures
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The iconic Full House house is officially looking for new tenants. The dreamy home in San Francisco is on the market after show creator and homeowner Jeff Franklin listed it, and let's just say it's no longer anything like the Tanners' average-looking space. With four bedrooms, four bathrooms, bay windows, and a backyard with an English garden, the stunning home is modern, bright, and upscale. The price tag is "just south" of $6 million, which is unfortunately not shocking for a beautiful, spacious home in San Francisco.

The other price new owners would have to pay is dealing with the fact that tourists frequently show up at the doorstep to take pictures, but after seeing the inside, you might think it's worth it. (No promises that Kimmie Gibbler won't stop by). From the tall windows in the master bedroom to the sleek kitchen with a big marble island and the fireplace in the living room, this place is a true gem.

The 3,728-square-foot home has seen major renovations, but still maintains tons of Victorian charm. It was built in 1883 by architect Charles L. Hinkel, which means it precedes San Francisco's massive 1906 earthquake. It's located in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood on Broderick Street, a mile away from Alamo Square Park, which visitors often confuse for the Tanner house destination. That's just home to the "Painted Ladies," or the stretch of seven homes that appears during the theme song. Ahead, take a peek inside the for-sale home, and "everywhere you look," you'll spot a gorgeous detail.

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