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The Home Depot Plant Guarantee

The 1 Thing You Should Always Buy at The Home Depot

More than ever, greenery is becoming an essential design feature. Whether brightening up your living room with a trendy split leaf philodendron, experimenting with Joanna Gaines's beloved potted olive trees, or endowing your yard with curb appeal in the form of a rose bush, a plant can be that final piece that turns a house into a home. But unless you're an experienced gardener or green thumb, you probably find greenery a tad intimidating. After all, it is a living organism that requires maintenance to stay alive and can be temperamental about its environment.

The fear of a plant, tree, or shrub dying can give many homeowners pause when they're about to sink a chunk of change into purchasing it. Well, you needn't worry anymore. The Home Depot offers a one-year guarantee on all tropical, house, and perennial landscape plants and trees. With its no-questions-asked return policy, it doesn't matter how or why the greenery died. All you need is your receipt, and you'll be refunded for your purchase. Makes investing in plants and trees a lot less risky, doesn't it?

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Julia Sperling
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