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House Hunters Memes

16 Memes That Will Make Any House Hunters Fan Roll Over Laughing

House Hunters Memes

House Hunters is definitely one of our go-to guilty pleasures when we need a good ol' dose of HGTV, but there's one tiny premise of the show that's always secretly irked us. Have you ever noticed that many of the guests have ZERO clue how on earth a budget works? Many individuals, couples, and families come on screen demanding a five-bedroom house with an infinity pool, built-in ice cream sundae bar, three walk-in closets, and an outdoor greenhouse. On top of that, the show guests can never seem to agree on exactly what they're looking for in a dream house, which makes for some pretty interesting episodes.

Naturally, many viewers share these realizations and have thrown the show into the meme spotlight. That's right — House Hunters memes exist, and they're sure to make you LOL, whether you binge-watch the show or not. Read on to chuckle at a few of our favorites.

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