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How to Decorate a Home With Your Partner

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Moving in with a significant other is a monumental step in the relationship — but only in part because of the commitment it implies! The other piece of the cohabitation puzzle is blending your style with that of your partner, a conundrum that many couples find challenging. In order to discover the secret to creating a home decor scheme that both parties love, we turned to Homepolish founder Noa Santos and his fiancé, Ross Matsubara. From investing in high-quality items like the Keurig® K55 coffee maker that both parties can agree on to a smart strategy for melding contrasting decorative accents, take a peek at this video to learn how one design-minded couple make their space work.

As part of our Book of Life series, we've partnered with Keurig® to share how one couple beautifully blended their interior design styles for a truly spectacular home.

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