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How to Paint Your Ceiling

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Looking for home improvement inspiration to truly set your space apart? We've partnered with BEHR® to show why every surface in your home is worthy of an upgrade.

We think of a room as being four walls of opportunity. We can add color to those walls with paint, art, or furniture and when that's complete, we usually call it "done." But there's actually one more "wall" that you've neglected — and while it's not great for art or furniture, it is perfect for painting. It's your ceiling! With some added color, it can easily offer the biggest design impact in your entire space.

Now, despite what you think, painting your ceiling does not have to be difficult or pull-out-your-eyebrows-frustrating. With the help of BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Paint and a few supplies from your hardware store, you can have this done in an afternoon with plenty of time to pour a glass of wine, grab a seat, and look up to admire your new view.

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