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Ikea Wardrobe

This Ikea Purchase Is the Answer to All Your Small-Closet Problems

Tiny closets are a source of stress and frustration almost all small-space dwellers can relate to, but when you have to share that tiny closet with your significant other, battle lines are drawn. I should know. My husband and I tried to make due with his and hers dressers and a hanging clothes rack for a while, but the exposed rack of clothes and overflowing dressers just weren't cutting it. A wardrobe was needed. Not just any wardrobe, though. We needed his and hers wardrobes that could be customized, easily assembled, and purchased for less than a small fortune.

So, like any online editor would do, I took my quest to Pinterest where I discovered the answer to my problem: Ikea's Pax Wardrobe System. The interior organizing possibilities are seemingly endless, it was in stock at my local Ikea, and it was an option we could actually afford. After studying and pinning some inspiration pictures culled from other bloggers' Pax projects, my husband and I purchased one for each of us and customized them for our needs. Here's what I did with mine!

Install Shelves and Clothes Rails at the Top

For the narrow column of my Pax wardrobe, I installed two of these Komplement clothes rails ($5) to hang a couple of layers of jackets and coats. For the wider portion of the wardrobe, I was able to play around with different customizing options. I started by installing a shelf and clothes rail at the top. The shelf comes in handy for organizing bins filled with hats, scarves, clutches, etc. I hung my blouses and dresses on the clothes rail.

Image Source: Ikea

Add 2 Large Drawers in the Middle

I added two of these Komplement large drawers ($40) in the middle, which provided lots of room for folded pants and shirts. You could even further compartmentalize them by adding drawer organizers!

Image Source: Ikea

Line the Bottom With 2 Pull-Out Shoe Shelves

I installed a couple of these Komplement pull-out shoe shelves ($35) below the drawers. I love that these can just as easily accommodate anything from booties to heels. The shelves keep my shoes organized, making it easy to grab a pair before heading out.

Image Source: Ikea

Install a Pull-Out, Multi-Use Hanger

I hung this Komplement pull-out, multi-use hanger ($10) to keep my favorite chunky necklaces, go-to crossbody handbag, and umbrella handy (for rainy weeks). My husband uses his for belts and caps. The best part? The hanger tucks back into your wardrobe, acting as the ultimate space-saver.

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Add Hardware

The paneled exterior and crisp white color of the Ikea Pax system already adds architectural appeal, but topping your wardrobe off with chic hardware makes it look even more expensive. Try adding this Brainerd Bar Bayview Brass Cabinet Knob ($5). While I stuck to the basics, there are tons of ways you can have fun customizing the Ikea Pax system.

A cheap and easy Pax hack! Fiona Cameron from Around the Houses purchased curtains from H&M then cut them to size and glued them to her wardrobe. The result? A dramatic and one-of-a-kind closet that acts as a focal point of the room.

Instead of filling the top half of your wardrobe with clothes rails, shelves, or drawers, try using the space to display an art piece, your go-to purse, jewelry, and other trinkets. It's like a small showcase of your current favorite items from your wardrobe. Such a pretty spot for applying finishing touches to your outfit before leaving the house.

For an ultra-glam look that also helps brighten a room, cut mirrors to the size of your panels at a local glass shop and attach them to the exterior of your Pax wardrobe. To add a built-in feel, paint your wardrobes a complementary color for added flair. This Pax system from demonstrates how you can transform a simple cabinet into a luxurious, yet practical wardrobe.

If you're craving more of a customized feel, try adding stick-on decals to the front of the cabinet. And if you ever feel like refreshing your wardrobe's look, simply peel off the decal and add a new one!

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