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Jonathan Adler on 2017 Design Trends

The 1 Home Decor Trend Jonathan Adler Wishes Would Go Away

If you, like us, covet Jonathan Adler's designs, we've got good news: you can now pay to stay in an Adler-designed room at the Andaz West Hollywood. The newly designed suite, which boasts views of the Sunset Strip, is also a chic way to give back. That's because 30 percent of the proceeds from bookings will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS with advocacy group (RED.) The partnership made perfect sense for Jonathan, who's a passionate supporter of the cause, and has a boutique just a mile and a half down the road from the storied hotel. "It seemed like it was just fated to be," he told us when we caught up with at a special sneak preview of the suite.

The room features nods to the hotel's rock-and-roll past alongside his own self-described "trend adjacent" furniture and decor. Read on to hear more about Jonathan's latest design obsessions, interior decorating pet peeves, and his favorite places to soak up inspiration — and to get a look at some truly stunning photos of his collaboration with (RED) and Andaz.

On the decorating trend he wishes would die in 2017

Taxidermy. Not a fan. It makes me so sad. I think it makes people feel edgy, which I don't understand. It's just sad.

...and a trend he's all about

When I'm trend adjacent, I'm thrilled, because I try not to think about it. But I'm feeling neoclassicism. I have this new Acropolis lamp that's like a tall, acrylic column with a nickel capital. It's a great way to get neo-lassical glamour in a reimagined way.

On how he and his husband Simon Doonan compromise on decor decisions

In my case, yes, my husband Simon [creative ambassador-at-large for Barneys] is the cutest, most visionary, most talented person. But when it comes to doing our house, he's like, 'Ugh. You do it. That's your jam.' Even though he's super visual, he understands that's what I do. So the compromise is, somebody just needs to be Charles in Charge of the situation, and if it's a straight couple, it should 100 percent be the wife. And any man in a straight couple who weighs in on decor just needs to shut up.

On his favorite places to get inspired

I do travel constantly, but I think the places that inspire me the most are the completely singular and borderline surreal places on our planet. I go to Capri every Summer, and to me, it's like the most dreamy fantasy. And I always try to channel the surreal, fantasy spirit of Capri, and the magic of Big Sur, and the creativity of Tokyo — which I'm heading off to tomorrow!

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