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Kardashian Closet Styling

How an Apartment-Dweller Turned Her Small Closet Into a Glam Station

Kardashian Closet Styling
Image Source: TaskRabbit

It was hard to suppress the envy we felt upon discovering that Khloé Kardashian combined two bedrooms in her home to create a massive walk-in closet. Her dreamy space included rows upon rows of shelves for her designer shoe collection and a sprawling island of drawers bigger than our entire kitchens for folded garments. While having a closet big enough to do sprints in would be nice, it's not realistic for most small-space-dwellers. We would be happy just to make our closets as organized and glamorously designed as a Kardashian's. Stylist and wardrobe consultant Christine Cameron felt the same way about her cozy New York City space. That's why she tapped TaskRabbit to give her closet a celebrity-worthy makeover. Dennis B arrived at her door ready to do some serious overhauling, and he's shared his Kardashian closet makeover tips with us. Keep reading to learn how you can replicate the look to create a dreamy closet in any home.

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