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Seth Cohen's Bedroom

Hey, O.C. Fans: Did You Forget How Fabulously Dorky Seth Cohen's Room Was?

Among the prized possessions in Seth's room, perhaps none ranks higher than Captain Oats. This beloved childhood toy has a special place on his shelf and in his heart. Love interest Anna even wrote a comic book about Captain Oats. Seth's girlfriend-turned-wife Summer has a female counterpart called Princess Sparkle.

The O.C. is iconic on many levels, but to early-aughts teens, it represents an era gone by. From the trendy fashions to the stylish homes (both of which were significantly nicer than the average person's), the show is a time capsule just waiting to be opened. And, well, we're digging it up, unscrewing the lid, and strolling down memory lane one O.C. room at a time. First up is the bedroom of Adam Brody's adorable, dorky character Seth Cohen. Tour the sentimental space ahead.

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