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What to Ask Yourself Before Buying Expensive Home Furniture

6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Big-Ticket Home Item

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Sure, it's beautiful and you absolutely, positively love, love, LOVE it! But do you need it? Will it improve your life quantifiably or serve a necessary function in your home? If not, walk away and give your lust time to wear off.

  3. Can I afford it?
  4. Do you have the cash to buy this item? If you have to put it on a credit card or survive on ramen noodles for the rest of the month in order to pay for it, then you can't afford it. Step back and figure out a way to save up or budget.

  5. Will it physically fit in my space?
  6. The megasized proportions of home-goods stores can warp your sense of scale. Don't get tricked into buying a piece of furniture that is the wrong size for your space — or worse, is too big to even fit inside your space. Only buy after you've taken careful measurements.

  7. Will I still love it tomorrow?
  8. You've found your love of the moment, but will you be gazing longingly at it a year from now when you're living in a new apartment? How about five years from now? If you're going to spend big bucks on an item, make sure it's versatile enough to get you through at least one move or redecoration.

  9. Will it hold up to long-term wear and tear?
  10. High price and high quality don't always correlate. Make sure that this item can stand up to the normal wear and tear of your household. Allowing your love of delicate, antique rugs to blind you to your dog's tendency to wreak havoc will only leave you disappointed (and out significant cash) in the long run.

  11. Can I find a more affordable alternative?
  12. You've found a look you love, but can you find that same look for less? Before you splurge, give it a night or two to see if you can find a more affordable alternative or DIY hack.

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