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Woman Memorizes 2018 Ikea Catalog

This Woman Memorized Every Single Detail in the 2018 Ikea Catalog — Literally

There's loving Ikea . . . and then there's memorizing its entire catalog. And we mean every. single. detail. Even those tiny background elements most of us never notice. Yanjaa Wintersoul, aka the "human Ikea catalog," memorized all 328 pages of the 2018 Ikea catalog in just one week. She can tell you everything from exactly what artwork is hanging on the wall in a specific image to what page a certain model can be found on. It's pretty nuts.

Ikea called in experts to test the 20-year-old's incredible skills in the video above, and she did not disappoint. Want more? You can quiz her yourself during a Facebook Live session Sept. 6 on the official IKEA Singapore/Malaysian Facebook page. Learn more about Yanjaa below, and then take your own turn scouring the 2018 Ikea catalog.

Image Source: Ikea
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