This Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar Will Change Your Life

In the midst of a season where indulgence and mass consumerism become routine, it's easy to feel disconnected from the things that really bring us joy. If you've ever poked a finger through a cardboard Advent calendar to retrieve the piece of chocolate you've patiently waited for, you understand this. The chocolate is delicious (you've earned it!), but once it's gone, the 24-hour countdown until tomorrow's reward starts.

Between You & Me

After blogger Tara Lowry from Between You & Me upgraded her family's Advent calendar with a version comprised of experiential treats, she realized it could be so much more. Their 25-days-of-surprises tradition, which included things like slurpies and family movie night, was fun but not necessarily fulfilling. Before quitting the Advent calendar entirely, Tara spotted a brilliant resolution that really resonated with her. What started as 25 days of surprises became 25 acts of random kindness, a list of really easy and doable ways to serve daily that she brainstormed with her family.

A trip to Michaels yielded the components for her beautiful DIY acts of kindness Advent calendar. All it took was a large chalkboard, small paper bags, string, yarn pom-poms, and clothespins. We love how Tara displayed it on top of a piece of furniture and accessorized it with votive candles — talk about meaningful holiday decor! Check out her post to see the powerful 25 acts of kindness they came up with!