You Can't Tell From the Outside, but This Castle For Sale Is F*cking Magical

Purple Bricks

We may have given up our dreams of becoming a princess a long time ago, but thanks to a gorgeous new real estate listing, living in a castle can actually become a reality! The 19th-century Gothic villa may not look like anything special from the outside — well, except for that remarkable 50-foot tower — but inside, Balgray Tower appears to be right out of a fairy tale.

The three-bedroom castle is listed by Purple Bricks real estate company, and it boasts some of the most stunning features. Oh, did we mention it's listed for less than $300K? The castle is located in the heart of Springburn, Glasgow, in Scotland and is surrounded by private gardens and all the beautiful foliage one could imagine.

All that's missing from the castle is Rapunzel, although even she might've had a hard time getting down from the rooftop terrace. A spiral staircase leads upstairs and eventually to the top of the turret, where you have 360-degree views of Glasgow. Read on to see all the photos of the 1830 property for sale, and prepare to fall in love with all the chic Gothic vibes.