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Best Closet Shelf Organizer on Amazon

This Genius Organizing Tool Made My Tiny Closet Feel Double the Size — For Just $12

Best Closet Shelf Organizer on Amazon
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I finally moved into my dream apartment a few months ago, and when I say dream, I mean it. For the first time in years I have a dishwasher, beautiful bay windows, and even a parking spot. The one thing I'm lacking, though, is serious closet space. As a fashion girl, I wish more than ever I could have a Mariah Carey walk-in closet, but instead I'm stuck with one of those old sliding glass door ones. In order to make the most of it, I've had to get creative. I started storing most of my shoes under my bed, but I was struggling to find a place for my piles and piles of jeans and sweaters. Then I discovered these Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers ($12) on Amazon — they're a total game changer.

For years I've been using that upper shelf in my closet for luggage and bags. I know it seems obvious, but it never occurred to me to put clothes up there. The shelf dividers were exactly what my life was missing. They're super easy to attach, you just hook the bottom around the shelf and voila, all your clothes are neatly stacked and organized. The best part: over time, it's easy to keep them that way. I've already purchased more for my hall closet for towels and sheets.

Keep reading to see how my closet looks, and snag one (or five!) for yourself. You won't regret it!

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