66 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If Plants Make You Happy

Plant-lovers: if you're looking for a source of inspiration for your interior jungle or just love the look of leafy greens, we have some Instagram accounts that'll liven up your entire feed. Whether it's a trendy Instagrammer who features plant inspo along with gardening tips or a home decorating account that spotlights a plant in every corner, there are a whole bunch of aesthetically pleasing plantstagrammmers worth following for their bright, minimalistic, and artful photos.

After ogling all this plant eye candy, you may be inspired to buy a plant, so we've also rounded up some of our favorite places to order houseplants online here. Now, what're you waiting for? See the best plant accounts on Instagram, ahead!


Jeff is a plant enthusiast who's decorated his San Francisco bay area home in a jungle of leafy greens. You'll find a plant in every room of his boho-chic abode, especially his living room!


You'll be introduced to all sorts of foliage on Carla's page. The plant-lover is constantly adding new greens to her collection, and she shares her tips and tricks to taking care of them as well.


Angel is an indoor botanist who uses her Instagram as a diary for her plants. You'll find cacti, fiddle leaf figs, oversize monsteras, and more on her plant-infused page.


Sarai is a teacher, designer, and self-described "plant mama" based in Washington DC. She shares a mix of plant and interior design posts that'll inspire you to redecorate, and her lush apartment is truly a vibe. Check out her caption on this Instagram post for more about her account and what she stands for.


Carolina is a Belgian-based plant mom (and mom of a human child) who will inspire you with her trendy apartment photography.


B_y_J_u_n_g_e_l's Oslo apartment may be small, but that doesn't stop them from packing it full of plants! You'll find every plant under the sun in this account, including a polka-dot begonia that's supercute!


Courtney Warwick is a mother of plants and kids who is sharing both her worlds on Instagram, and everything about her account will make your heart happy.


You'll be inspired to decorate your home in bohemian decor and plants after seeing Emily Sanchez's feed.


Not only does Hannah post a picture every Monday for #MonsteraMonday but she also posts some adorable pictures of her son and dreamy home. If you like kids, plants, and coffee, we highly suggest checking out her feed.


This plant dad, and dad of three kids, has the most plantastic home. He also happens to be a wedding photographer, so every once in a while, you'll get a loving wedding picture added into the mix.


Bri Saintt is the motivational plant lady we all need in our lives. She spreads positivity and gives helpful tips on how to take care of plants, where she gets them, and which types of plants she prefers.


We love EveryDeco's industrial style, and the plants he mixes in are seriously the best!


You'll learn all things plants from Amber's page. Whether it's pruning, how to take care of bugs, or more. She also has a YouTube channel filled with helpful videos.


Maryah Greene, whose last name is perfectly suited for her line of work, is a professional plant doctor and stylist. She offers home consultations, commercial plant care, and workshops. Trust us when we say, her Instagram is made for the plant-obsessed.


Aside from May Leong's art Instagram, she also has a personal one that's filled with real-life pictures of plants, cats, and her own travels. And yes, you need to see her cat, Louis.


Author of Wild Interiors and host of the podcast Journeys in Greenery, Hilton Carter's Instagram is filled with aesthetic plant pictures and plant-care tips.


Into the Wild is a plant store that's Instagram is filled with some insanely nice greenery. Whether you're looking for care tips or interior inspiration, this account has it all.


You'll be so inspired to fill your home with plants after seeing Jamie Song's jungle of a home.


Judith's Instagram is filled with pictures of her vintage Scandinavian-style home and all the plants that come along with it.


Eryn is a plant enthusiast with an eye for design; her Instagram is filled with cute decor and plant pictures. Not to mention, her cats and dogs make everything better.


Monstera plants, cats, and vintage furniture pieces? We rate Lena-Marie Lange's Instagram a 10 out of 10.



Monstera, pilea, and begonia fans will enjoy this Instagram page — it's filled with them!


OK, so Raya Sader Bujana might not post pictures of real plants; however, she's a paper artist who makes these little baby ones, and they're so precious! Support her work on her Etsy shop here.


Malin Brostad isn't your typical boho plant mom; instead, her home is filled with vintage decorations, vines, and flowering plants that look so pretty.


Plant-lover Ashley Berry posts all her findings, so you can always discover new plants to incorporate into your home. She also shares lots of helpful plant advice and tutorials on her YouTube account.


Felix Grimm is an artist, photographer, Etsy shop owner, and plant parent with a bright and beautiful midcentury modern home worth seeing.


Ron Goh's a self-proclaimed plant addict whose gorgeous jungle loft will leave you speechless.


Melissa Campbell has created a plantopia inside her home, with plants in every room. We personally love her bedroom and kitchen, which feature beautiful plant displays.


Jolanta posts insightful lessons she's learned from her plant journeys as well as and adorable pictures of her kids.


If you like simple and bright pictures, Andrea's 'gram is for you, with almost every post being of a plant (or her cat).


Instagrammer NoScrubs_NoShrubs is on a mission to make her home one big botanical garden. She dedicates her Instagram to all the plants she's ever owned, and we love following along with her joyful plant journey.


Follow along Quentin's path to turning his apartment into a plant escape, and enjoy the pictures of his dog along the way!


Stu is a London-based interior designer and houseplant consultant who provides some majorly helpful plant care tips.


Stephany says she has 200-plus plants, and we believe it — just look at that plant-filled room of hers! If you're looking for plant tips, this account is a great resource.


Mona and Meli both love plants, and their shared Instagram account shows it. If you're looking for plant inspo with a cute dog mixed in, give them a follow!


Author of How to Raise a Plant and Make it Love You Back and creator of the community House Plant Club, Morgan Doane's account is filled with tons of blooming beauties. She also creates plant pots, in case you're inspired by one of her pictures.


Christopher Griffin is a Brooklyn-based Black queer plant-lover who is passionate about plants. They often refers to themself as "Kween," and their Instagram has so much joy and personality, you'll want to follow it ASAP.


Jenna Holmes is a residential and commercial plant designer whose midcentury home is filled with plants ranging from monsteras to cacti to ferns and more.


PlantMePlants posts pictures of all his new green finds, as well as some cute pictures with his kiddos.


Instagram user Plants With a View posts the most dreamy plant pics of her apartment in NYC, as well as helpful plant-care tips.


Plants With Ben will bless your feed with his jungle of plants (and his Corgi, which he drops in pictures of from time to time).


While Tracey Forde shares all aspects of her life on Instagram, she loves showcasing her leafy greens.


Russian plantstagrammer Änta Golubeva has the most beautiful and inspiring green oasis that's worth following.


Sena Koksall's Instagram has everything a plant-lover could dream of: videos, tips and tricks, plant design, and more.


Featuring plants, home decor, and DIY tips and tricks, Tuba Yüksel's Instagram will have your green thumb tingling.


It doesn't get much better than food and plants, does it? Because Gaëlle's Instagram mixes them both. From inspiring cooking photos of dishes like spaghetti and grits to plant posts starring string of pearls and fiddle leaf figs, you'll keep coming back for more.


Chelsea Williams is an expert in the plant-based wellness and nutrition space, so you can learn about how to lead a healthier lifestyle along with pretty plant photos if you follow her account.


Host of The Mindful Manny podcast and owner of 100+ houseplants, Justin Hoyng doesn't hold back on showing his leafy greens off on his feed, which gives us glimpses of his stylish NYC apartment.


The Little Botanist is the account to follow for gorgeous shots of midcentury interior design mixed with pretty houseplants.


Sofie and Yannick started The Plant Corner (a plant shop in Antwerp, Belgium) five years ago, and it's been a whirlwind since. Their Instagram features all sorts of unique plants, and their eye for design is out of this world.


Run by passionate plant parent Shaiyanne, The Plant Hale features plant styling tips and fluffy cats that will inspire you to decorate your home in plants galore (and quite possibly buy a cat).


All of the plants in Tierra Sol Studio's collection are hand grown, and yes, some are truly the size of your fingertip. Check out her Etsy shop here, and get inspired!


Owner of macramé shop Ezra and Arlo, Tishy Vette's feed is filled with bohemian macramé, inspirational quotes, and all things houseplants.


Get a sneak peek into the life of Kate, a mom of three, and a plant mom of much more. You'll find everything from plant care to kids if you follow her account.


Focusing on all things plants, you'll learn so much about propagation tips, watering, and more from Hung's page.


Featured on Apartment Therapy, Vine and Vintage's house is said to be a "boho dream house," and we couldn't agree more. Every room is thoughtfully decorated, and the plants are what completes it.


If you want an uplifting account to follow, yoga teacher Carrington's is it. She bought her first houseplant when she moved into her apartment and now has plants the size of her whole body.


Nelson ZêPequéno runs the Instagram account Black Men With Gardens, so it only makes sense that his own page is filled with plants as well. He also makes custom arrangements using upcycled material and locally sourced plants. Check out his shop online, and give him a follow!


Ciara's jungle of an apartment is stationed in the Lower East Side of NYC, and her Instagram features tips for gardening, styling, repotting, cleaning, and more.