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Best and Most Comfortable Lounge Chairs 2023

15 Comfortable Lounge Chairs You'll Never Want to Get Up From

Best and Most Comfortable Lounge Chairs 2023
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If you've already found your dream comfortable sofa, the next thing you need is the perfect lounge chair to match. There's something about a cozy and stylish chair that we can't get enough of. Not only is a chair great extra seating for visitors and guests, but it also adds extra decor to your home to make it feel cozy and inviting. To help you find the perfect lounge chair for your apartment or house, we enlisted interior design expert Anita Yokota, a therapist-turned-interior designer and author of Home Therapy. She emphasizes the importance of incorporating wellness throughout the home. Yokota gave us the inside scoop on what to prioritize and look for in finding the best lounge chair for your space.

What is a lounge chair?

If you're wondering if there's a difference between an accent chair or a lounge chair, and when you should choose one over the other. Yokota states, "lounge chairs got their name from their often-leaned back posture and padded features, including a wider seat. By design, they're meant to be comfortable – a place you could sit and relax." On the other hand, accent chairs are generally more decorative with a straight back or narrow seat. "They're meant to be a spot to sit and talk or balance a space," she explains.

Yokota looks for durability, softness, seat quality, and seat depth when shopping for lounge chairs. She explains, "quality foam and a high-performance fabric are important. Our lounge chairs end up getting far more use in our rooms than our wooden or more straight-back chairs." She recommends looking for a lounge chair with a seat depth of around 18-22 inches and fabrics like heavy linen that will get better with age. She personally prefers a lounge chair "that has enough space to tuck my legs up under me."

Ahead, you'll find 15 stylish and incredibly comfortable finds that are worth every penny. From colorful statement pieces to chairs that swivel for conversation to options with ottomans and even one that's big enough to lie down on, there's no doubt these will elevate your space. Place one in your bedroom, living room, office, or den for an extra spot to sit or even a place for guests to crash. Yokota recommends, "looking at the space and thinking about the way you'll move through it. Place your furniture to support the moments that will play out there." With so many options on the market, like plush and cloud-like seating or something modern, it'll be hard to decide on just one. Keep in mind the dimensions of your room before purchasing, and read on to browse them all and find the comfortable seating your home is missing.

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