You Can Stay in the Real-Life Villa From Under the Tuscan Sun — No Renovations Required

Looking to reinvent your life by running away to Tuscany and buying a dilapidated villa on the spot? Well, even if you're searching for something a touch more low-key, you can live out that fantasy by staying in the real-life villa at the center of 2003's Under the Tuscan Sun. The house has since undergone a discernible renovation — presumably not done by Diane Lane — and it is currently available for rent through Luxury Retreats.

Located in Cortona, Italy, the stunning Villa Laura, named Villa Bramasole in the movie, features 10 bedrooms, lush gardens, a wine cellar, and a pool. Then, of course, there are those countryside views that are enough to make you consider uprooting your life and moving to Italy. With enough room to host 20 guests, however, Villa Laura is not entirely wallet-friendly, as the nightly rate ranges from $2,385 to $4,090, depending on the season.

If Under the Tuscan Sun is still your go-to pick-me-up flick, or you have a Pinterest board dedicated to your dream Italian getaway, then maybe it's time to round up some friends and head to Villa Laura. At least it'll already be nice and renovated when you get there, right?