These Miraclulous Candles Remove Every Trace of Pet Scent From Your Home

Every pet owner knows the dreaded smell. That smell. Pet smell in your home! Very few people want their homes to smell like their furry family members, but sometimes (even after deep cleaning) it's inescapable. That is, until now. According to an extremely impassioned post from Scary Mommy, one candle brand available on Amazon is a godsend for pet parents, removing every trace of animal scent from animal-lovers' homes.

An impressive 83 percent of Amazon customers rated the candle five stars, and hundreds have left glowing reviews of the product. "I have not kept the candle burning for a long period of time," writes one, adding: "I find that after about 90 minutes I'm very pleased with the fragrance in the room and that is sufficient." The Scary Mommy reviewer agrees with this sentiment, reporting: "The candles give off a light scent and do exactly what they claim to do: They neutralize the pet odors. No smells of Sunwashed Cotton-scented kitty litter. It just smells like it did when I did laundry that one time."

Priced between $19 and $21 based on scent, these candles are available for Amazon Prime delivery. With so many positive reports from satisfied pet owners, why live another day frustrated by your animal-scented house? These candles seem paw-sitively perfect for any pet parent!