I Bought This $99 Area Rug on Amazon, and It Totally Transformed My Old Living Room

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I live in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco, which is basically the equivalent of winning the lottery, and while I want to say I'm lucky for finding the unit, sometimes my carpet makes me think otherwise. My whole place is covered in dirty brown carpeting that has become incredibly matted throughout the decade my roommates have lived there. This year, I've been on a mission to upgrade my space and make it feel cleaner by investing in some new pieces. I purchased some cool wall art and stylish decor pieces, but the one thing I spent forever looking for was the perfect area rug.

Once day while browsing on Amazon, I came across this ivory Safavieh California Shag ($29-$214) and it caught my eye. I decided to give it a try because it was affordable and it seemed like the piece I needed to brighten up my old living room. I bought the 5'x7' choice for under my coffee table, and at just $99, it was the perfect choice.

After getting it delivered to my front door within just a few days, I was instantly impressed by the quality. It's thick, fluffy, soft, and, most importantly, bright. Within seconds, my living room felt like a whole new space. The light from my bay windows reflected perfectly onto the fuzzy surface to create a fresh new feel. The upkeep has been much easier than I thought, too. I have a shoe-free home, which helps keeps dirt at bay, and the rug's material is easy to vacuum. It comes in several sizes and colors, so you can snag the perfect one for your home, too!