$100 of Upgrades Made This Rental Kitchen Unrecognizable

We're constantly reading about DIY projects and hacks to remodel your home without breaking the bank, and now, this renter transformed her kitchen with only $100, and the results are remarkable. After, of course, receiving permission from her landlord for the remodel, Imgur user ElizaB shared the photos from her renovation process and it's doable for all renters who just can't stand their kitchens.

She started by priming and painting the inside of the cabinet doors (while they were still on their hinges). Then, she scrubbed and sanded the life out of the cabinets, put on a coat of Kilz, and added two coats of SW Pro-Classic in Snowbound. For the floors, ElizaB went with the Style Selection line from Lowe's in the Woodland Oak color. She cut the wood and backed it with cork to prevent slipping. She used a rolling pin to put down the floor; however, she said that prepping the floor was "the most annoying part of the whole project." By tackling the cabinets, floors, and walls, she was able to fix major issues without spending a lot of money, something many renters struggle with.

Read her detailed instructions to see exactly how to remodel your kitchen for only $100.