Chip Gaines Is About to Be Hit With the Birthday Surprise of a Lifetime, Thanks to Joanna

Year after year, Chip Gaines struggled with pulling off a surprise for Joanna because she'd always catch onto his plans, but back in January, Chip managed to plan a surprise party for their 12-year wedding anniversary, and now Joanna is getting him back with an epic birthday surprise. On Nov. 13, Joanna asked all Magnolia Market subscribers to shower Chip with love on social media for his 42nd birthday on Nov. 14.

"I thought it would be really fun to catch him off guard by completely overloading him with birthday wishes!" Joanna wrote in an email, asking fans all over the world to use #HappyBirthdayChip on Twitter and Instagram. Fans have shared some sweet messages on social media, but also, the comments on all of his photos are completely flooded with birthday love! It's no secret that our favorite HGTV hosts have some of the best fans across the globe, but this is really amazing — he's about to wake up to a LOT of notifications.

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