20 Times Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines Made Us LOL

Whether eating a cockroach or jumping through a wall, Chip Gaines epitomizes goofball. And while his wife Joanna often plays the straight man to Chip's slapstick, she's pretty darn hilarious herself. Keep reading for the 20 comedic moments that made us laugh out loud and love this Fixer Upper couple even more.

When Chip Painted on a Green Mustache

When Joanna Had a Little Something in Her Teeth

When Their House Was Filled With Party Animals

When Chip Took a Nap in a Cactus

When Joanna Made an Overall Pun

When Their Goats Exemplified the Farm Version of Squad Goals

When Chip Dressed Up as Santa and Lost His Pants Walking Reindeer

When They Got Serious For the Camera

When Joanna Spotted Herself on a Billboard

When We Learned That Chip Is a Derek Jeter–Level Player

When Joanna Got Silly With Her Sis

When Chip Demonstrated His Photoshop Skills in His Sexiest Man Alive Cover

When Chip Jumped Through a Wall and Lived to Regret It

When Joanna Put the Kabosh on Chip Eating All the Cupcakes

When Chip Turned Into Chipperclaus

When Joanna Needed a Nap

When They Interviewed Their Pigs

When Chip Made a Silly Face