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Cleaning Supplies and Tools For New Homes

Moving In? Start Fresh With New Cleaning Tools, Devices, and Concepts

Image Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

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Moving into a new place? Congratulations — and, by the way, you were planning to clean it before unpacking, right? (Wink.) After a lease or mortgage papers are signed, a deep clean is essential to lift up dust, dirt, and other "leftovers" from previous residents. Hey, even if you've built a house from the ground up, there's going to be postconstruction debris to take care of.

While you'll want to pack up and take your treasured belongings to your new nest, it's often smart to enter a new home with new cleaning supplies. It's the whole "fresh start" concept in action. In a new home, you have the opportunity to become the kind of cleaner-upper you've always wanted to be. Maybe that means you'll vow to pick up spills right after they happen, or you'll prioritize the environment when it comes to cleaning solutions. Whatever your motivation, a new item or two might make you actually enjoy cleaning.

Only one way to find out: read on for our suggestions on keeping a new home super clean.

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