WFH? Here Are 18 Home Offices on Instagram You'll Want to Re-Create

Creating your home office space means finding a balance between decorating with fun decor and furniture pieces and also keeping it professional so it actually feels like a work environment. Your productivity correlates with how you set up your WFH space, meaning it's important to have a healthy combination of both personalization and professionalism. Whether you have been working remotely for your entire career or are new to the game, it's never a bad idea to have a home-office vision board.

Along with other WFH perks, like being in your pajamas all day, you don't have to ask for permission to redecorate. Should you have a TV in your workspace? Probably not. Do you need a dual-screen computer? Possibly, and if so, you'll need to measure for a desk that can fit both. Tired of staring at white walls? Repaint them! Ahead is all the inspiration you'll need the next time you're wanting to freshen up your WFH space.