14 Pieces of Halloween Decor Every Disney-Lover Needs

Judging from Disney's perfectly drawn villains and its haunting alternate realities, Halloween is seemingly made for you Disneyholics. When you're not sewing a princess costume or attending Mickey's spooktacular trick-or-treating party, you can transform your home into a veritable Haunted Mansion with Disney-inspired decor.

My Simple Modest Chic

Transform your tabletop into a villainous masterpiece with Maleficent silhouette art.

A Pumpkin & a Princess

You don't need a frost for this snowman to make an appearance. DIY pumpkin Olaf springs forth from an urn (in lieu of a traditional topiary) to greet trick-or-treaters.

Etsy | TheGoryGourd

Sprinkle some fairy dust across the surface of this foam Tinker Bell pumpkin.

Crap I've Made

Sit back and relax on these DIY The Nightmare Before Christmas pillows after a long night of trick-or-treating.

A Pumpkin & a Princess

Be the envy of every home on your block when you create this glistening DIY Elsa pumpkin, complete with a crown and snow-capped pedestal.

Home Is Where the Mouse Is

Make your front yard Gaston's final resting place with this Beauty and the Beast DIY tombstone.

Etsy | TheMeltingLibrary

Ignite these Hocus Pocus candles, and the Sanderson sisters might just come back to life in your living room!

Etsy | TheGoryGourd

From Mickey to Donald Duck, classic Disney character pumpkins will be the envy of your illuminated porch.

Bliss Ranch

You don't have to live in the Haunted Mansion for Madame Leota to pay you a visit.

Etsy | CanCreate

Expect your neighbors to investigate when these eerie hitchhikers take up residence on your lawn.

Crafting Creatures/Cecelia Louie

Turn your windows into a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas using a silhouette machine and a pair of scissors.

Etsy | Bee3DGifts

How eerily perfect will this acrylic silhouette of the Haunted Mansion's tightrope walker look atop your coffee table?


Recreate Cinderella's pumpkin carriage by using a large white pumpkin and two spray painted mini pumpkins as wheels.