How Your Favorite Farmhouse Design Bloggers Are Decorating For Fall

No sooner have we entered September than Summer is a fleeting memory. Part of our leap into Fall is the dropping temps, but the other part is our excitement at filling our home with cozy decor. And no design style seems to embrace that warm, welcoming autumnal vibe better than farmhouse. For decorating inspiration, we turned to our favorite farmhouse design influencers on Instagram . . . and they did not disappoint. From creatively placed pumpkins to warm seasonal palettes, you're going to want to steal all their ideas.

Work wheat sheaves and pumpkins into your shelves.

Update your letter board with a funny seasonal message.

Add a galvanized bucket filled with mums to your living space.

Put together a simple arrangement of hydrangeas in autumnal tones.

Add soft and cozy accents to a welcoming chair.

Hang a seasonal work of art and highlight it with some scavenged foliage.

Dazzle with a sunflower-pumpkin combo in the kitchen.

Organize your entryway for the season and accessorize with a satchel of Fall flowers.

Intersperse pops of ornamental kale throughout your home.

Create a tablescape with books, cotton stems, and cloth pumpkins.

Turn up the cozy factor of your living room with candles, throw blankets, and organic accents.

Swap out the Summer decor in your entryway for Fall decor.

Restyle your nesting boxes, shelves, or cubbies with seasonal colors and decor.

Paint seasonal pumpkins in your own custom color scheme.