This Tiny Felt Witch Cactus Is the Most Innocent Halloween Decoration, and I Need It

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There are spooky Halloween decorations, and there are adorable Halloween decorations. It only takes half a second to realize which category this Halloween Felt Cactus falls under. Etsy seller The Cactus Garden Shop created this wool felt witch cactus, and it's an "indoor plant" even those without green thumbs can manage. The tiny decoration comes complete with an embellished felt witch hat and a clay pot, but you'll have to get your own mini broom for the full effect.

Plant versions of Halloween decor have been trending this year, from Target's $5 succulent pumpkins to DIY sunflower skeletons. The fact that this cute cactus is actually cloth means you can save it year-round and break it out every October! The Cactus Garden Shop makes a lot more decorations, including Christmas felt cacti. Shop for the least witchy witch you'll ever see ahead.