Glitter Grout Is the Viral Decor Trend You Never Saw Coming

All that glitters is . . . grout? If that phrase doesn't sound quite right to you, it will be soon. The latest decor trend to go bona fide viral on social media is glitter grout, a shimmering tiling grout that lends a bit of magic to any home project.

It's mind-blowingly simple — just glitter mixed with grout — but the effect is stunning. In a mere 24 hours, an enthusiastic Facebook post about the sparkling tile treatment garnered nearly 350,000 shares and 41,000 reactions:

The best part about glitter grout isn't that it lends a magical touch to every tile, though that certainly doesn't hurt; it's the price! You can pick up a glitter additive to sparkle up your own choice of grout for a mere $8, or shell out $24 for a pre-mixed version in the color of your choice from UK-based Staffordshire Silicones. Trust us, when you see these examples of what glitter grout looks like in real people's homes, you'll want to pick some up ASAP for your next bathroom or kitchen project.

Glitter grout looks good sealing stones . . .

But it also makes a fun kitchen backsplash even sassier.

Don't get us started on this silver version of the glittery mortar!

Black glitter grout makes these white subway tiles look even trendier.

And used on bathroom tile, glitter grout will make any homeowner smile.

Isn't this cream version gorgeous?

That's it, we need glitter grout in our lives.