Calling All Potterheads: James and Lily's Cottage in Godric's Hollow Is Now a Cozy Bed and Breakfast

Listed on Airbnb as the De Vere House in Lavenham, England, Harry Potter's childhood home in Godric's Hollow is now a charming bed and breakfast! True Harry Potter buffs will know that Number 4 Privet Drive wasn't always the home of the Boy Who Lived, and Muggles and wizards alike can now stay at James and Lily Potter's cottage from the beloved Harry Potter films year-round. So pack your bags and grab a handful of floo powder, because it's time for a truly magical getaway!

The cottage — which, we promise, is free of those nasty garden gnomes — is available for $142 per night and includes a private room for two guests, a four-poster bed, and an ensuite bathroom. Additional amenities include a log fireplace, a courtyard garden, a private sitting room, TV, and Wi-Fi (because even James and Lily Potter had to keep up with the news). But, before you book your stay, it's important to note that the adorable house is not suitable for pets, children, or those with mobility problems, due to staircases and the layout of the house.

The surrounding town of Lavenham is reputedly Britain's finest medieval village — with over 300 protected heritage properties, according to the listing — making for a great place to explore when you're not indulging in a full English breakfast in the dining room. The maximum stay duration is 28 days, and while we know we can't live there forever, this definitely seems like a must-visit spot for anyone who's ever dreamed of attending Hogwarts (ahem, me). Keep scrolling to take a peek inside the cute Harry Potter cottage.