Home Decor You Should Have Outgrown by 30

  1. College-themed decor
  2. A small, appropriately placed college banner is one thing; your old sorority quilt and college basketball team pint glasses are quite another. You have a one-year postcollege grace period, then do as Elsa says and let the college decor go!

  3. Mismatched dishes and serving ware

  4. With so many fashion-forward and affordable options for dishes, glasses, and flatware from the likes of West Elm and CB2, there's no excuse for keeping a hodgepodge of old pieces around. Toss or donate what's in your cabinets and start fresh with a complete, coordinated set.

  5. Photo-collage board

  6. Supercute in your dorm room. Superdated in your apartment. Display your favorite school-day snapshots on a stylish and grown-up gallery wall or atop shelves in pretty frames.

  7. Ikea "art"

  8. After 25, just don't. Period. Upgrade your wall with original art pieces from the plethora of affordable online art retailers.

  9. Old futons

  10. Let's be totally honest; if this piece of furniture could tell you everything it had seen, you wouldn't want to hear what it had to say. Ditch the dirty, lumpy futon and buy a pullout sofa. Your guests will be relieved they don't have to sleep on the beer-stained futon from your off-campus apartment.

  11. Beanbag, papasan, and any other tween-friendly seating

  12. Upgrade these dorm-room staples with sleek and contemporary seating options from our favorite affordable retailers for 20-somethings.

  13. Empty alcohol-bottle decor

  14. There's certainly a time when everyone's done this — those Champagne bottles were just too pretty not to collect! — but is there ever a time when it's actually stylish? We say no. Recycle your used bottles, and arrange your full bottles on a sophisticated bar cart.

  15. Unframed movie posters

  16. Odds are the movie posters you sprung for in your early 20s are now outdated, tattered, and don't reflect the mature adult you're becoming. But, if you really can't bear to part with them, at least put them in frames.

  17. Stained bedding and bath towels

  18. You might be used to the wear and tear, but that doesn't make soiled sheets and towels any less gross. Take a trip to Target or Ikea for some affordable bed and bath replacements, or invest a little money in a set of monogrammed towels or high-thread-count sheets!

  19. Kitschy Lighting

  20. The lighting that added to the party ambiance in your early 20s — think: glow-in-the-dark stars, lava lamps, and black lights — has reached the end of its career by your late 20s. Retire it before it just gets weird.