How to Find the Best Deals and 4 More Secrets From a Home Depot Employee

Whether you're an avid DIYer or just love a good weekend home project every now and then, chances are you have made a visit (or 10) to your local Home Depot. With its bright orange logo and the endless aisles of home goodies, it is a tried-and-true store with it all. But, based on some of Reddit's latest AMAs from both former and current Home Depot employees, we discovered that there are some insider tips that even the biggest Home Depot buff might not know. Read on as we break down the five most surprising answers.

Expertise Varies Among Employees

One Home Depot employee shares that while ideally every employee should be equally experienced, it doesn't always work that way. Instead, he said, "they hire a few people with a solid background in some field[s], pay them well, and then hire others with a little background for less money to fill the departments. They even hire temps now for seasonal work, and let them go after the need has passed." So if you are asking a more detail-sensitive question, like how to properly install a ceiling fan, it won't hurt to feel out the particular employee's experience level first.

You Can Get a Deal on Damaged Items If You Ask

Have you ever wondered what happens to items in the store that have minor flaws or physical damages? While Home Depot doesn't have a confirmed discount policy for this instance, one Home Depot employee recommends that you simply ask for a price cut. He said, "If you see a damaged item on the shelf just ask an associate or manager what they can do for you. Most [of] the time they want to get rid of it cause its taking up space." The employee also noted to always keep your eyes peeled for a clearance section marked with yellow price signs.

The Home Depot 1-2-3 Books and Videos Are Perfect For DIYers

If you have decided to tackle a home project but have several questions on how to start, a Home Depot employee isn't your only available source offered by the store. One employee noted that the Home Depot 1-2-3 books and videos are a fantastic outlet that are not only educational, but also easy to follow. He said, "I [have] actually found that the Home Depot 1-2-3 books are a great resource. They come on DVD-rom now with videos, etc and I was shocked at how thorough and simple they are." So, before you take on that living room paint job, it might not hurt to check out the 1-2-3 first.

There Are Tons of Ways to Save

While Home Depot doesn't typically offer sales, it does offer tons of deals and incentives that will help out you and your bank account. One Home Depot employee said, "You can get rebates and incentives. Paint usually has [a] $5-$10 rebate around Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. Appliances usually have [a] $100 rebate if you buy [both the] washer and dryer. Black Friday usually has the buy washer, get dryer free, etc. They [also]did the free carpet pad with purchase of carpet installation for a while." So, if you're gearing up for a big purchase, it might not be a bad idea to time it around a major holiday throughout the year and save some bucks while you're at it!

Returning Items Is Easy and Flexible

Deciding to return an item only to realize you can't find the receipt anywhere is the worst. But luckily, at Home Depot, you are able to return merchandise without a receipt in exchange for store credit. One employee advised, "Without a receipt there's no time limit, but you're only gonna get store credit. Same as if you had a receipt but it's past 90 days." At least you can breathe easy knowing that if a certain light fixture doesn't work out in your home, you won't experience a hassle bringing it back in for a return.