7 Home Improvement Shows You Can Stream on Netflix Right Now

It's almost the weekend, and that means it is almost time to relax! Sure, you could go on a hike, enjoy a nice boozy brunch, or even catch up on the latest novel that's been sitting on your nightstand. But if you're in the mood for some more low-key plans (aka you just want to Netflix and chill), we totally have you covered. Read on as we break down seven of the most stream-worthy, and not to mention addicting, Netflix home shows available right now. Happy binging!

Grand Designs

Follow along with host Kevin McCloud as he shadows a new-home-building process each episode. Whether the project goes way over budget or gets pushed out well after the deadline, Grand Designs details the fascinating but sometimes frustrating process of building a new home from the ground up.

Reno My Reno

Embarking on a DIY home renovation may seem like a good idea at first, but Reno My Reno follows people who quickly get in way over their heads. Thankfully, they are able to call in experienced builder Dave Depencier to help them right their wrongs and get their renovations successfully back on track.


Brojects follows brothers Andrew and Kevin Buckles as they engage in interesting and always entertaining new home projects at their weekend cottage sanctuary. Whether it is adding in a floating hot tub or a brand new outdoor barbecue, the Knuckles brothers are always looking for new ways to make their cottage the ultimate dude retreat.

What's For Sale? With a View

Finding your dream house is one thing, but sometimes finding your dream view is quite another! Whether a home is overlooking the scenic California coast or gorgeous rows of grape vines at a vineyard, follow realtor Andrew McDonald as he helps potential buyers find the view of their dreams.

Buy Herself

Buy Herself is the ultimate realty show all about girl power! Watch along as real-estate expert Sandra Rinomato advises single women as they experience the ups and downs of finding and purchasing their first homes.

Escape to the Country

If you love rolling hills, scenic views, and not to mention Great Britain, then Escape to the Country is the show for you! Follow along as the hosts escort clients seeking a quieter life on various tours of amazing countryside homes.

Deals in the Desert

Think there isn't high-end real estate in the desert? You might want to think again! Deals in the Desert details Bahrain's luxurious real-estate market, filled with every last glam detail you can imagine.