HomeGoods Is FULLY Stocked Up on Cozy Fall Decor, and We Want Every. Single. Thing.

Oh, HomeGoods, how we love thee. The store is like a freakin' magnet, pulling us in with its surplus of affordable home decor items every time our paychecks come in. The only downside to the heavenly establishment? The chain lacks online inventory, making it difficult to plan out exactly which products are on our wish lists (and thus usually resulting in buying that extra candle or throw pillow that we most definitely don't need — oops!).

Luckily, if you're on the hunt for Fall-themed home decor, you can get a decent idea of what's on the shelves at HomeGoods stores by browsing through a few hashtags on Instagram (like the #HomeGoodsHappy one!), where plenty of shoppers have eagerly shared snaps of their finds. All of the items have one major thing in common: they look expensive and stylish, but they're all sold at budget-friendly prices that won't make your credit card beg for mercy.

Below we've gathered a handful of the coziest (and spookiest!) Fall-themed HomeGoods gems from all over social media for your viewing pleasure. But be warned: scrolling through the photos will have you running — nay, full-on sprinting — to the nearest store to snag some similar items for yourself.