These Iridescent Halloween Skulls Have Left HomeGoods Shoppers Positively Spellbound

The Halloween decor is out in full force at HomeGoods, and shoppers are already losing their cool over one particular item: these iridescent skulls. Though the oil-slick masterpieces may look like any ol' piece of shelf decor, they're actually hanging candleholders, complete with a chain that can be attached to the ceiling. I'm personally getting chills just thinking about how mesmerizing these would look when the candlelight hits them at night!

Each undeniably trendy skull features a crown of roses, and if you look closely, every flower has another tiny skull hidden in the center of the petals for maximal spookiness. Run — don't walk — to your nearest HomeGoods store, fellow Halloween fiends, because these technicolor candleholders are sure to sell out faster than you can say, "Hocus pocus!"