11 Pro Secrets to Designing a Beautiful Shared Kids' Room

POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia
POPSUGAR Photography | Lisette Mejia

Few decorating tasks are as much fun as decorating a child's room — but when two children are sharing one bedroom, that fun is rivaled by the challenge of creating a space that can support two people's belongings while letting their unique personalities shine.

For advice on how to tackle this enormous task, we turned to the professionals, specifically three of San Francisco's top interior design companies: Nest Design Co., Inc., Evars + Anderson Design, and Julie Rootes Interiors.

Keep reading to discover their expert tips and tricks for creating a magazine-worthy shared kids' room.

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Don't be afraid of using color, but use it more on the bedding and accent decor than the walls because these are easier to change out as the kids grow and their tastes change. — Nest Design Co., Inc.

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Use bunk beds in small spaces because they take up the least amount of floor space. You can find some amazing upholstered bunk beds that are soft and pretty. — Nest Design Co., Inc.

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Hang a framed photo of each child over their beds along with monogrammed bed pillows to give a personal touch to each one of the children's defined spaces. — Evars + Anderson Interior Design

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Fabrics are an important element of a shared kids' space and where you can really take a room to a whole new level. Edit the choices to a select few and then bring the kids in at the end and get their feedback. — Julie Rootes Interiors

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Add privacy by creating little nooks with drapes hung from the ceiling around each bed. — Evars + Anderson Interior Design

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Incorporate storage baskets into the project. They come in various shapes and sizes and are great for storing blankets, stuffed animals, and toys. The ones with flat tops can double as a place to set a book on top. — Julie Rootes Interiors

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In a long, skinny room, put two twin beds head to head so they're sharing a headboard, thus saving valuable floor space. — Nest Design Co., Inc.


Utilizing the space beneath each bed is key. Many retail bed frames incorporate drawers, or a custom bed can be designed with storage below. — Evars + Anderson Design

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A "one-design-fits-all" often works until kids are around 4, then their individual personalities start to shine through so this could a good time to change up the design or layout to reflect their individuality. — Evars + Anderson

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If you do a neutral wall color, consider punching up the space with bold colors or wallpaper on the ceiling. Something like stripes on the ceiling look great and are fun for the kids to look at when they're lying in bed. — Nest Design Co., Inc.

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An organization system to maximize shared closet space is very valuable. The Container Store, Ikea, and California Closets are some of our favorites. — Evars + Anderson Interior Design