12 Nonbasic Ways to Display Candles Around Your Home

Candles are the simplest forms of home decor you can invest in and with so many on the market, it would be a miracle if you don't already have a couple hoarded away. Most people already have a candle or two on their coffee tables or on their bookshelves, but we want to step beyond these go-to decorating ideas. So we scoured the Internet to find the most unique ways to display your candles, and thankfully the Internet did not disappoint. If you're looking to change up the way you use candles at home (especially with Valentine's Day coming up), read on for some nonbasic ways to show them off!


Place a candle on top of stacked books (bonus points for color coordination).

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Fill mason jars with tiny candles and then hang them on trees.

Fancoise et Moi

A DIY-candle wreath will brighten up the windows of your home.

Memoire Studio via Domino

For a pretty table centerpiece, place pebbles in a glass, fill with water, and add in floating candles.

Flickr user gorbould

Leave these ice candles outside your home as porch decor. To make the ice, fill a bucket of water, with a smaller bucket inside, and leave it to freeze overnight. Then invert it and put a small candle inside.


Fill an entire space with candles by utilizing nearby spaces like your backyard.


Add a candle to your vanity tray and complete the look with fresh flowers.

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Upcycle an old wine bottle and turn it into a hanging candle latern.

Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla via Domino

If you love Lauren Conrad's decor aesthetic, grab a candle and surround it with flowers (i.e. this would look great on a mantle).

Nathiya Prathnadi via Domino

Go the simple route by arranging candles together in a mason jar.

Flickr user stopherjones

For a woodsy coffee table vibe, place a piece of driftwood near a trio of candles.


Over flowers? Pair candles with succulents and keep the arrangement near a window.