6 Tips For Hosting Overnight Guests in Your Small Space

When you live in a small space, you get to know every nook for storage while coming up with unique ways to make use of everything. While living in a one-bedroom cottage, my husband and I loved the cozy feel and searched out the right furniture and decor to create and open and airy feel. We often hosted overnight guests and sometimes longer visits with family, so it was important to make it work. Even if you don't have a spare room, here are a few tips on how to host guests in any small space.

  1. Get the right furniture: A futon, daybed, or pull-out couch is a must if you're living in a small space. This way you have a cozy dedicated spot for hanging out that doubles as a sleeping space. It's a bit of an investment, but when you find a convertible couch that you love, you'll be so thankful you have it. And your friends will, too.
  2. Make it homey: If guests are staying in the living room, make the space comfortable, bringing in cozy aspects like blankets and lots of pillows, and set up a side table by moving a small bookshelf or even a wooden chair. Add a bedside lamp, alarm clock, and a book to read. Stock up on coffee and breakfast items, like Pillsbury cinnamon rolls so guests wake up to the sweet smell of something delicious.
  3. Think about swapping: If you're simply hosting a friend for a fun overnight, the pull-out couch works. But if you're having relatives or couples with kids visit, you might want to think about giving up the bedroom. This way they'll have the privacy they need and feel comfortable and relaxed.
  4. Make some space: Clear out a section of your closet or create a dedicated storage space for your guests where they can stash suitcases or other items they are traveling with. Get creative and clear out a bookshelf or add sliding storage containers under the pull-out couch.
  5. Create some privacy: Get creative and move furniture, hang privacy curtains, or close doors that may usually be left open. Giving your guests a feeling of privacy makes them feel more comfortable during the stay. Make sure there are window coverings so your guest can privatize the room. And double check that the bathroom door locks so friends can close the door without worrying about anyone busting in while enjoying a hot shower.
  6. Declutter: You already know the limits of your small space, but adding more bodies can really make things feel cramped. When houseguests are coming, use it as an opportunity to go through your space and get rid of anything you aren't using or don't need. You'll have more space instantly and your home will be nice and clean.

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