Bless Ikea's $7 Paper Christmas Tree, Which Is About as Much Decorating as I Can Manage

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If, each holiday season, you find yourself boldly claiming that this'll be the year you dress up a big Christmas tree like a Fifth Avenue storefront, only to be left scouring every local florist and pharmacy for any old fern that'll do, it's time — speaking from experience — to release yourself from that pressure. Instead, embrace the Ikea paper Christmas tree.

As part of its Vinter 2021 holiday collection, Ikea released a rather adorable paper tree that's priced at $7, stands at an unimposing 11 inches, and doesn't shed. Better yet, it's among the few Ikea purchases that doesn't come with an instruction manual requiring a hieroglyphics translator. For those who might really want to go all out, there's a slightly larger, dark green paper tree also available for $10.

The one-step decoration is currently only sold in stores, although several TikTok creators seemed to have luck tracking them down. Check out further details ahead.