Newlyweds Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg Live in a House as Adorable as They Are

Since tying the knot in October, Once Upon a Time star Jamie Chung and actor Bryan Greenberg have been enjoying the newlywed life. So what's the next step for husband and wife? Creating a home that's a reflection of both their tastes. "Now that the deal is sealed, I can go to town on the house!" Jamie joked to us.

"When Bryan first bought the house, he bought all his pieces at a one-stop shop. Everything was brown and leather." Jamie tried soften it up with pops of color, but it just wasn't quite working, so she enlisted the help of online design service Decorist. "They literally transformed the room to reflect both our styles," Jamie exclaims of the makeover she worked on with Decorist head of design Ashley Redmond.

Keep clicking to check out the gorgeous final product and get the inside scoop straight from Jamie.

Jamie told us that the living room was in need of some pops of color, better lighting, and a new couch. Decorist did not disappoint, bringing in a beautiful white sectional, vibrant blue rug, and some seriously unique pendant lights.

"I'm more California bungalow chic and Bryan is mid-century craftsman and sleek," Jamie told us. Beautiful pieces like this buffet appeal to both Jamie and Bryan's taste, helping to make the newlyweds house their own.

How does Jamie define her interior design style? "I think my personal style is similar to my interior design style. It's easy, cozy, with mixed textures and prints," she told us, adding "It's fun!"

One of Jamie's biggest challenges in redecorating? "Getting Bryan to let go of his brown leather couch," she said. "Oye vey!"

This plush white sectional is much more Jamie's speed.

Art work, potted plants, and decor, such as throws, trays, and framed artwork, put give the room a cozy, polished look.

Amongst Jamie's favorite new pieces of decor are the mid-century planters, the beautiful vases near the fireplace, and the graphic shag rug.

The newly revamped living room is the perfect spot for the entire family to gather and cuddle — even the pup!

Jamie's room design is by Decorist and the shoot was styled by Merisa Libbey Designs.