John Stamos's Home Is Now on the Market, and Have Mercy, It's a Beaut!

John Stamos's Beverly Hills house is now on the market, and "have mercy," it's a beaut! The 55-year-old Full House actor welcomed Architectural Digest into his now-for-sale abode, giving the publication an intimate look at how he and his wife, Caitlin, and their son, Billy, live in the down-to-earth space. Although the $5.8 million home was originally John's bachelor pad — complete with brown shag carpet and NSFW art — it's transitioned into a family-friendly residence ever since he and Caitlin welcomed Billy back in April 2018. John describes it as his "first adult home," adding, "This is the first house that I really feel that it's just me. I wanted a house that I could put me feet up [in] and have people over [at]."

John admitted that he doesn't know much about decorating, so he enlisted the help of Chris Barrett, a former Full House crew member turned renowned designer, to furnish his two-bedroom nest. "Everything is just sturdy and funky and cool, like me," the father of one said while summing up the home's aesthetic. The furniture and decor are eclectic and cozy, with plenty of personal touches that honor both Caitlin and John's families and the couple's mutual love for Disney (See: there's a 14-foot-tall "D" from an old Disneyland sign casually situated outside). Speaking of outside, their backyard offers sweeping views of Beverly Hills, along with a pool, hot tub, vegetable garden, lounge chairs, and the pizza grill where the lovebirds shared their first date. John and Caitlin, if you need a babysitter, you know where to find me!

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Let's Take a Close Look Inside His Homey Nest, Shall We?

Let's Take a Close Look Inside His Homey Nest, Shall We?

The two-bedroom home is situated among trees and bushes, with steps leading up to the front door.

There's a light-blue motorcycle parked out front.

A blue onesie from his son's gender reveal is proudly displayed on the wall.

The cozy living room features differently textured furnitures, a stone hearth, and grand windows.

John has had his orange couch for 13 years, and it's outfitted with patterned pillows.

Flowers and books sit atop the coffee table.

A Steinway & Sons piano from the 1940s is situated in the corner of the main room, with mugshot art decorating the wall behind it.

Fun fact: the typewriter is a gift from Tom Hanks. Casual!

The master bedroom features a custom bed and pillows.

The wall is decorated with painted wooden slats that date back to the 17th or 18th century. How cool is that?

There's a quaint patio right outside the bedroom.

Right outside their room, there's a wooden bookshelf filled with trinkets, photos, and books.

The main room has a wall that's positively plastered with family photos and snaps of John with other famous faces.

The dining room table has a worn-in feel to it. Oh, and there are more of those painted wooden panels on the wall!

Black cabinets and a reclaimed-wood preparation table make their kitchen the perfect mix of rustic and modern.

There's fresh fruit on the counter and wine glasses in the cabinets.

The family stores cookies in a Full House-inspired jar. Aww!

The outdoor pizza grill was the site of John and Caitlin's first date!

Umm, can we get an invite to your next pool party, John?

John has his own sound-proofed music room, complete with an expansive guitar collection and old-school shag carpet.

Oh, and it's also decorated with tons of trinkets from Disneyland, including this little guy from the Haunted Mansion . . .

. . . a can-can- girl from the "It's a Small World" ride . . .

. . . and this semi-creepy head from a pirate ride.

Outside the music room, there's a giant "D" from a Disneyland sign, which John nabbed from eBay back in the day.

So, when can we move in?