Julianne Hough’s 1 Secret to Decorating a Home That Never Goes Out of Style

Justin Coit via Better Homes & Gardens

Julianne Hough has successfully conquered the entertainment industry as a dancer, singer, and actress, but now, it's her home-decorating style that has us mesmerized. Julianne recently opened the doors of her home, which she shares with her adorable dogs and equally adorable fiancé Brooks Laich, for the January 2017 cover story of Better Homes & Gardens, on stands now. With so much going on in her life, it only makes sense that Julianne designed her home with the main goal of comfort and balance.

Working with architect Steve Wunderlich and interior designer Jake Arnold, Julianne used colors inspired by nature and versatile pieces to design her home. With so many unique aspects, each room radiates a vintage, yet agelessly chic feeling. Keep reading to see the photos of Julianne's cozy and colorful home, which we can guarantee will inspire you to redesign yours this season.

On her design style: "Muted, earthy greens, browns, blues and some yellows feel grounded and protected. But I also love pops of color. They symbolize pure joy."

The Wellfleet color on Julianne's kitchen cabinets do exactly that!

On picking unique pieces for her home: "Rather than buying on trend, Jake and I were both attracted to things that felt timeless. I like it when you can't tell an objects age, when you don't know whether it's brand new or a century old."

On her love of furniture shopping: "I'll browse a furniture store over a clothing store any day. I appreciate a vase, chair, or table for how much effort went into making it."

"My life is instant. I'm always on the go, and I travel a lot. So to balance it all, I've created a safe, special place where I feel like my true self."