13 Times Kate Beckinsale Proved She Is Secretly an Interior Design Star

Kate Beckinsale has only been on Instagram since mid-2016, but in that short time she's made a big impact. Not only have Kate's posts revealed her silly sense of humor – hello, penis decor! – it's also given us insights into her interior design style. We are, to say the least, impressed. From her gorgeous kitchen to her cozy bedroom, Kate Beckinsale's style will leave you feeling inspired. Check it out ahead.

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When We Saw the View From Her Bedroom

When We LOL'ed at Her Naked Man Lamp

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When Kate Shared Her Love of Retro Appliances

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When She Shared Her Love of London's Beauty

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When She Admitted to Always Rearranging Fruit Into Phallic Designs

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When She Balanced the Stuffy Hotel Decor by Dressing in a Penis Costume

When We Saw the Gorgeous Hardwood Beneath Her Pets' Feet